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Rebrand Story. Pt III

This is part III of the rebrand series. Haven’t read it part II yet? Read it here.

When naming a business, people often expect to hear a name and to immediately feel if it’s right or not. But that’s not how it works in most cases. A bit like love at first sight. 

Of course, an edgy and memorable name is nice to have, but if it doesn’t stand for anything, there really isn’t any purpose for it.

After stress testing many options, there was one word that kept surfacing: Innate.

Definition: Existing in one from birth; inborn; native: innate musical talent.

We know that the prospect of starting a business can seem daunting. With more and more people choosing to work for themselves, we were beginning to notice a pattern forming. Our customers were all prepared to the risk when pursuing careers with the things they love to do, or feel naturally gifted with. Whether that’s through, musicianship, a genuine desire to help others, craftsmanship, or in hospitality—the ‘why’ question tends to be answered along the lines of: “I just feel like I was meant to do this.” And this is the moment when we know we’re a good fit for someone. 

Not only is our new name truthful to our purpose, it’s also short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. 

So why incorporate ‘Studio’ into the name?

For us, it’s never been about building a huge multinational design agency with thousands of employees. Similar perhaps to the vision and purpose of an independent coffee shop, as opposed to a high street chain. Of course, there’s certainly a place for large marketing agencies, much like there’s a place for large hotel complexes. But for us, personally we feel more aligned to the vision of an independently owned boutique. And it seems the independent start-ups we like to work with have not only been finding their way to us, but also feel at home in our studio environment. So, for us this is something we wanted to stand by.

Mission Statement

With our purpose and our clients’ needs aligned, we could then begin to craft our new mission statement to enforce our purpose.

We believe that everyone has an innate gift. For some it bursts out at every given opportunity. It’s present with everything they do. For others it’s modestly preserved.

Behind the most inspiring brands are gifted innovators—people that strive to make a difference.

We build truthful and compelling brands that connect the dots between the companies of tomorrow and the audiences that long for them.

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