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Rebrand Story. Pt IV

This is part IV of our Rebrand Series. Haven’t read part III yet? Read it here.

From establishing how we were going to do things, and how we would name ourselves, the next big thing was to translate our humble, forward-thinking, and empathetic personality into a matching visual identity. Finally, time to let our creative ideas on the loose!

After some initial concepts and getting all the typical “logo clichés” out of our system, we stumbled across the perfect typeface. Circular — a bold but soft sans serif that’s also used by the likes of Spotify. Sometimes the thing you’re looking for is right in front of you when seeking inspiration, and for us we always start by matching a Spotify playlist for vibe of the work we’re going for. 

Circular felt like the perfect fit to be our brands standard typeface.

We also wanted to inject a bit of our independent and personable touch into the logo, so we opted to lead with a hand-crafted script.

Our meeting room: where ideas come to life.

As you can see, we didn’t add a lot of colour to our visual identity.

The minimalistic colour palette.

⚫️: While colour can increase brand recognition there’s no reason black—when used appropriately—can’t be just as distinctive, memorable and communicative of a brand’s attributes. Black is to be taken seriously. It represents power, luxury, sophistication and exclusivity. Black is bold, classic and not to be fooled with.

⚪️: White represents simplicity, purity, innocence and perfection. And if you had to identify one brand that has used white to convey its brand message to perfection it would have to be Apple. White represents the simplicity of the products in both their form and function. White also comes with a starkness or sterility about it, which we often use to convey a minimalist aesthetic and clean, modern quality.

The black and white theme is included everywhere: from our studio to our website.

This was the last part of our Rebrand Series. But hey, don’t worry, we still have some other articles in the making! Meanwhile, we’re also active on a bunch of other social media.

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Until the next time! ?