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Branding, Graphic Design & Web Design for Berkshire Based Band


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[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”left”]The Project[/title]

Atlases are a band from Newbury Berkshire. General graphic design for bands often lacks consistency with the branding. An identity was created to secure a successful online and offline presence. The first step was to implement the dark sound Atlases create into the branding followed shorty by the web design, CD artwork, posters and t-shirt design. The use of the black and white colour pallet is used consistently with the release of their debut Upbringing in order to keep everything in a uniform surrounding the release.

Once the branding was set firmly in place we were able to work on the website design. The brief was to build a website that hosted the audio files, merchandise and promo videos and shots. This would enable fans and promoters to visit the website enabling a professional platform is considered to go hand in hand the the branding.


[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”left”]What the client said[/title]

James at JC Design was brilliant throughout. Spot on customer service, excellent branding ideas and innovative design work. I would highly recommend

Jack Parsons – Vocalist of Atlases


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If you’re looking for a new website for your company or would like a responsive website design equipped for all devices please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you take that big leap for your online presence.

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