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Identity and Web Design for Profile Sculpture

Buckinghamshire based sculpture artist


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When Buckinghamshire based sculpture artist Bob Prescott got in touch to develop the branding and a website for his company Profile Sculpture we we’re delighted to get involved. Its always nice working with a fellow designer so who in this case had developed a speciality for creating outdoor and garden sculptures alongside a wide range of figurative, wildlife and creative forms. Artworks shown are examples of their breadth of work undertaken, a few are personal favourites, most are for sale and some can be repeated in a similar style or different sizing if desired.

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When designing the branding for Profile Sculpture it was apparent to maintain a very slick clean look. This then led through to the implementation of the clean responsive web design showcasing a smooth flowing masonry gallery along with an impactful banner and quick links.

The photography for the sculptures was also organised as a service from JC Design with the facilities to either shoot on site or in a professional photography studio.


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