The MS Society

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MS Society

Graphic design for a brochure for the MS Society. This project was completed under a freelance contact at a Berkshire based design agency near Reading.


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The MS Society is the UK’s leading multiple sclerosis charity. Since 1953, they’ve been providing information and support, funding research and fighting for change.

Their annual report was put forward as a pitch during a freelance period at Theme Group, a Berkshire based design agency. The MS Society branding consists of a vibrant colour pallet, which was implemented throughout each section of the brochure design as a navigational device. Charity design is always welcomed with open arms at JC Design. For more information drop us a line via the enquiry form. The brochure design was put together at an agency in Berkshire. The agency enlisted JC Design for graphic design and web design services over a period of 1 year over a variety of jobs.   

Credit: Brochure design completed at Berkshire based design agency, Theme Group


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