Branding for a unique personal training duo in a unique personal environment

Founders Christian & Phil had been running a successful personal training business based on referrals and word of mouth.

It soon became apparent that they had outgrown the architecture initially created. This is a perfectly common state of affairs for a business starting off with a minimum investment to validate the business model. So in a sense this was a great time for us to come on board. The service had already proven to be a great hit!

Defining the brand 

A brand is a persons gut feeling about a product, service or company. You can’t control the process, but you can influence it. It’s not what you say it is, its what the customers say it is.

Following our discovery workshop we aligned the following notable reviews along with the business objectives;

Creating a new brand name and identity 

The services of a personal trainer with a dedicated private facility comes at a price. As the business was solely represented by low budget, DIY logo with very little personality.

We’ve built a new brand that conveys funexclusivity and focus. Merging the core brand identifiers creates a memorable, truthful, unique and relatable brand.

The new brand now harnesses the exclusivity of a premium membership.

Tone of voice

This essential step is where we set the broad compass direction for the target market. Our discovery sessions established that customers who seek a personal trainer look for a custom fit, educated training buddy and above all, privacy.


Website Design

Together with the client we crafted the primary user centric frame work defined and prioritised by user needs. On a secondary tier for video content and made strategic recommendations for merchandise sales and gift purchases targeted at the existing community.

“I cannot recommend Innate highly enough. They offered a great insight and inspiration. Support throughout the process was superb.”

Phil Key

“The vision and creativity from Innate is second to none. The service and experience you receive will surpass your expectations.”

Christian Hall

How we could help you

Do you feel you’ve outgrown your existing brand? Or perhaps a friend initially helped you with an off-the-peg website and logo? If so, then you’ve validated your business like most people do. Here’s the thing — a beginner website without a well considered brand position is like a rumpled suit — it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, but it gives completely the wrong impression and will negatively affect your business every day that it serves as the gateway for new customers.

If this sounds all too familiar, let’s arrange a consultation in our design studio in Newbury, Berkshire.

We take the time to learn about your ambitions and pitfalls — enabling you to make the best decisions for you and your business. Our strategic offering goes far beyond just graphic design, web design, and logo design. We collaboratively define and build brands to identify and promote the true potential of companies and products. That’s why on boarding us is always an investment, and never a cost.

Start today by arranging a free consultation. We’re existed to help spread the good word about your business.

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