The Newbury Brochure

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The Newbury Gastropub branding & identity

Project completed under a freelance contact for Newbury, Berkshire creative agency, Media Fusion.

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The Project

Located in the heart of Newbury, Berkshire, The Newbury Gastropub boasts a warm welcoming feel with a spacious bar area, relaxing lounge, private dinning rooms, state of the art multimedia meeting rooms and also a spacious roof terrace where they catering is provided for parties of all sizes.

The Newbury Gastopub features an interior based on a shabby chic design feel, which was struggling to thrive without any real branding to promote it. Once the branding stage was completed we set out to bring The Newburys profile up to date by injecting its characteristics into its branding creating a very typographically heavy design style throughout all of the marketing publications. The use of fresh vibrant photography was heavily included to demonstrate the connection between the branding and the interior décor throughout to promote the new and improved refurbishments that had taken place.

In order to promote these new improvements The Newbury Gastopub came to use with the idea of creating a mini table talker showcasing the new features. The restaurant branding was used throughout in a sharp, sophisticated typographic manor implementing the bar branding that was designed by us prior to the launch.

Credit: Project completed under a freelance contract at Media Fusion.

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