The Halfway Inn

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Branding & Website Design for Newbury, Berkshire based restaurant


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The Halfway Inn

Newbury, Berkshire


Scope of project
Identity Design
UX/UI Design
Web Design


James Collins
Identity Design, UX/UI Design

Gordon Abbotts


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The Project Overview

The Halfway Inn is a 1940s themed restaurant based in Berkshire, located directly between Hungerford and Newbury. The name historically nods to its location being situated at the central milestone between Bath and London. The restaurant is easily located by the A34 which flows a vast amount of traffic from Hampshire, though Berkshire and up to Oxfordshire. The Halfway boasts a warm and comfortable environment where ambiance, food, drink, and great service culminate into a crescendo of excellence.

The Halfway Inn required a freshen up for their branding accompanied throughout all of the printed materials by a fully optimised website design.

The Halfway Inn had sadly fallen victim to DIY identity system leaving the initial vision of the brand looking dated and cheap. As a result, the business had been very miss-represented from some time.

We agreed with the client to collaborate in reimagining a brand identity system that could honour the soul and heritage the pub was intended to be known for.


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When we set out to develop the branding we researched thoroughly to encapsulate the true personality and heritage of the establishment. The dining experience honours the charm of the establishment so we decided to reflect that in the branding using sophisticated serif font and a hand drawn flag to acknowledge the famous ‘halfway’ point between Bath and London. The logo design was then finished off with a clean circular lock up housing the brand with confidence.

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Web Design 

We referencing the charm of the restaurant and dining experience by incorporating the little design decorations and touches which indicate a person touch from the owners. We included these personal touches by facilitating a photography shoot to capture the personality of the brand.

The website features a simple to use booking feature that plugs directly into leading sites — trip adviser and booking.com.

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Graphic Design 

Following the successful beta launch of the new brand identity system and website we fully equipped to begin work on the supporting print materials to support the new logo design. Once designed, we partnered with our trusted print company to bring the highest spec finishings to the designs. This consisted of fresh business cards, flyers, menu designs and tablel talkers.


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[quoteslider][quote name=”James Callery” sub=”Owner “]We approached James at JC Design to work on the branding and website design for our establishment, The Halfway Inn. James really picked up on our key brand beliefs and this was reflected throughout the logo design, website design and print materials produced. This has been a well deserved facelift, and business has been booming.



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With the use of slick new branding and a high impact website The Halfway Inn is now once again reflective of the high-end dinning experience it should have always been known for. All of our websites are mobile responsive which means a great user experience every time and on every device.


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Ready to level up? 

If you’re looking for a new website for your company or would like a responsive website design equipped for all devices please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you take that big leap for your online presence.

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