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Although their skill and craftsmanship would suggest otherwise, co-founder Ryan and his team are relatively new to the Landscape industry. In fact, they began trading at a very similar time to us, which has certainly formed a mutual respect for one and other.

In the infancy of their business, we helped Ryan to get the wheels in motion by setting up a simple website along with a primary identity system. However, in this day and age, and if done right, things can grow very fast. Not only was the craftsmanship and passion behind the brand beginning to gain recognition from industry leaders, but experts in the industry were also gravitating towards working for them.

We were delighted to be invited to give the brand the recognition it rightly deserves.


Measuring success

Founders Ryan and Caroline are big fans of how Apple market their products and other minimalist brands like Sonos. Our work for Snug Kitchen stood out as a favourite case study with it’s simplistic and confident messaging along with beautifully considered imagery.

In a bid to win significant and better clients, Ryan initially planned to reach a handful of designers by sending an eye-catching brochure. We flagged a crucial question early. What story are you looking to tell?

Inspired by marketing methods from the likes of Apple, Ryan was confident the images could do the talking making references to; Less is more. Clean. Simple. Different. Confident. Industry-leading.

Redefining the brand

RAA had been awarded a project of substantial magnitude. Not only did this project go onto to pick up the most prestigious APL award, but it also identified some areas for improvement. When collaborations are at the forefront, and each party is trusted to deliver their craft to the best of their ability, great things can happen. However, RAA had concerns that they could be on the road to becoming the industry’s best-kept secret and not a notable and worthy partner in the process.

Identifying and bridging a gap in a noisy market.

The buzz that RAA had begun to form was based on their ability to translate and construct remarkable outdoor spaces on behalf of the industry’s top designers. However, a problem was building; The existing brand message was being misunderstood by potential and critical partners. With ‘Design’ as a primary service offering, design partners were starting to think that RAA could be becoming the competition. Although RAA can design great outdoor spaces, their most compelling talent shines brightest during the design hand over. This is where they bridge the gap between a designers blueprint and remarkable outdoor space.

During discovery, Ryan shared a story where he was given a water fountain design to build. Instead of just building it to the spec suggested, he offered some engineering insights that would make the fountain appear as though it is floating. And this was the moment that we realised a niche was forming.

Since this pivotal moment, Ryan has begun building a reputation offering insights and methods for delivering remarkable outdoor spaces rather than just doing them well.

Crafting a compelling mission statement

With a vision clearly set and the target market clearly identified, we could begin refining the brand story into a truthful and compelling mission statement.

A new website with deeper meaning

Although their existing website features stunning photography and a clean layout, there were significant gaps in the content. Mostly this leaves everything to the imagination of the user. Without any context, this was simply just a page of beautiful images to look at—the lights were on, but nobody was home.

Next Steps

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