Property Price Advice

Building digital tools to empower home improvement enthusiasts

Property Price Advice exists with one simple mission. To empower each of their users with information to maximise the value of their home.

Understanding the purpose

To gain further insight into the project, our first aim was to strip the business model back to its bare bones. Being a new startup, the door was open for us to further develop the existing brand. This enabled us the creative freedom to enhance the business objectives.

Impact by numbers

To ensure brand consistency, we introduced some initial guidelines. The new additions featured a new typeface, lifestyle images and style tiles. We also introduced a new vibrant colour scheme. With a range of innovative tools and services on offer, we didn’t see fit to stick to a “traditional” colour scheme. Many leading brands in 2018 have also made use of this recent trend to help update their presence and reach.

During the prototype phase, we felt the lifestyle shots weren’t compelling enough. Although the lifestyle shots were relevant, they simply lacked engagement and felt dated. To fill this void and raise the customers profile we created a range of custom illustrations. This granted complete control of the visual messaging while enabling use of the new colour scheme.

Businesses in 2018 are looking for ways to differentiate themselves more online. And we enhanced the use of custom illustrations and vibrant colour schemes to achieve that.

Traffic levels have increased from 70,000 to over 100,000 unique users per month. This represents a huge uplift in direct users. A better online profile has seen regular visitors not only re-value their properties. But also browse content because they enjoy using the website.

The team now show a real sense of pride when speaking to potential advertisers and partners. Who in turn, can see the clear benefits of a partnership.

PPA Marketing Manger said;

I always judge the abilities of a design agency by the quality of their own website, and JC Design’s was modern, eye-catching and really easy to navigate. Director James, thoroughly impressed us when he came in for an initial introductory meeting and I felt confident they were the right agency to deliver our new brand.

I certainly haven’t been disappointed; They’ve worked hard throughout the process to understand our business, understand our needs, and deliver a design that works not only from a visual perspective, but in terms of the user journey too. It’s been a huge project to undertake and the team have been responsive and creative with their approach to the design work, and have also been a pleasure to deal with. We’re delighted with our new brand and will be working with JC Design for the foreseeable future.

Melissa Hughes
Marketing Manager

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