Pinkman Reports

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Pinkman reports website design

Website design and illustration completed under a freelance contact for Berkshire based creative agency media Fusion.


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The Project

Pinkman Reports is a site dedicated to simplifying corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting. The client was after an illustrative website design that encapsulates the vast range of corporate products and services that we all consume on a day to day basis.

Pinkman Reports believe everyone should have access to company’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability reports bringing you summarised reports in an easy to read format.

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The Solution

The brief for designing this website was a rather vague one. The content would effectively be driven heavily by data only overall not giving the site much personality. We set out to change that by designing an illustration packed full of industry related environments. We then introduced little hints of the design to other pages of the website working hand-in-hand with simplistic vector based branding

Credit: Project completed under a freelance contact for Newbury, Berkshire based creative agency, Media Fusion.



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We’re a Berkshire based creative agency specialising in branding, graphic design and web design. If you’d like to discuss the branding for your new company or require a new website design, why not get in touch. We’re always happy to sit down and discuss how we can add value to your business.

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