Wedding Invitation

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Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding invitation design for Wiltshire based couple, Mr & Mrs Barlow

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The Project

Mr & Mrs Barlow had located a venue for their Wiltshire based wedding with some naturally rustic settings. The brief was to initial work on the branding for an identity stamp. Upon sign off for the branding, we would then be able to consider how the graphic design would complement the branding and print design.


The Delivery

When asked to work on the wedding invitation design for Mr & Mrs Barlow we had one thing in mind that would fit perfectly with their design shabby chic theme. The use of different fonts worked in with the typography through both the evening invitation design and the main wedding invitation design gave an instant impact for the desired highlights of importance for the day’s proceedings. Invitation design is no new thing to JC Design with our proven track record of happy clients.


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[quoteslider][quote name=”Mrs Barlow” sub=”The Happy Bride”]Thanks very much to JC Design for creating the wedding invitation design and branding for our very special day. The service was extremely professional and seamless. James really listened to our ideas and understood exactly what we envisaged. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality wedding invitation designs and branding. Many thanks James![/quote][/quoteslider]


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If you’re looking for a wedding invitation design and brand identity for your special day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to sit down with you to understand exactly what elements of graphic design we can offer to compliment your vision. We can also off web design as a service to encapsulate your guests responses and showcase important information for the day.

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