Mahogany Hair

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[title type=”” size=”h3″ style=”” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]Mahogany Hair[/title]

[title type=”alttitle” size=”h6″ style=”” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]Responsive Website Design for Oxfordshire based Hair Salon[/title]

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Project Overview

Mahogany Hair are a hairdressing company based in Oxfordshire that not only provide high end hair styles, they also sell products and seminars for educational purposes. The existing brand was lacking the personality and character to reflect the business. This web design project was completed in collaboration with local creative agency, Media Fusion.

We set off to redesign the website armed with the support of a very strong promotional images. The use of clean space within the images was used throughout the website. As the client has 3 potential users (educational, shop and hair dressing) we set out to build a multi entry feature. This allows the users to instantaneously get to where they need to be.

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Mahogany Hair

Oxford, Oxfrodshire


Designed in partnership with Media Fusion


Scope of project
UX/UI Design


James Collins
Strategy, UX/UI Design

Gordon Abbotts


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