Hotspring Spas

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Hotspring Spas

Graphic Design and print for a brochure design for Surrey based hot tub dealership

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The Project

As one of the most popular hot tub brands among spa enthusiasts, HotSpring Spas continually innovates. That’s part of their commitment to manufacture the world’s best hot tub.

When designing the styling for the Hotspring Spas brochure it was clear that by integrating clean modern design techniques along with impactful clear typography design, Hotspring Spas would gain more of a connection with their target audience. We redesigned the existing brochure to contain less technical information and place more emphasis on lifestyle imagery.

In order to really push the design of the brochure we looked at incorporating some fresh clean fonts with vibrant typography. This gave the design a far more premium feel than previous brochure designs the previous design agency had worked on. We then sent this to print enlisting a local print company to deliver a high end finish. With brochure design, its vital to make sure the target audience are encapsulated with the quality of the design ensuring the companies branding is always confidently positioned within the brochure design.

Credit: Graphic design and brochure design completed under a freelance design contract for Newbury, Berkshire based creative agency, Media Fusion.


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