FSC Brochure

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FSC Brochure

Graphic Design for the FSC brochure whilst working under a freelance contact for Buckinghamshire based creative agency, Midas.


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Whist working on a freelance contact for Buckinghamshire based creative agency, I was granted creative lead for branding, graphic design and web design. When Saint-Gobain acquired the FSC accreditation they wanted a quick brochure design for employees and customers. FSC accreditation was an important achievement for Saint-Gobain so they wanted to reflect that with a clean brochure design using high end print techniques.[/one_half][one_half_last][title type=”” size=”h5″ style=”title-minimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”left”]The Solution[/title] We injected meaning into this by creating an inspiring book taking employees and customers through the FSC journey whilst maintaining the branding for both FSC and Saint-Gobain. The brochure design explains the FSC accreditation and the relevance to Saint-Gobain. The professional branding throughout was implemented to motivate employees to give them the confidence to tell the story to customers. The design was built of clean typography, sharp impactful inforgaphics and clean lines reflecting Saint-Gobains branding. Credit: Project completed at Midas Design Consultants[/one_half_last][/column_row]

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If you’re looking for brochure design, design for print or to simply refresh your brand identity with professional branding please feel free to get in touch suing our contact form to arrange a free consultation.

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