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Graphic Design and print for Hampshire based band, Atlases

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The Project

Atlases are a hardcore/metal band from Newbury Berkshire. The CD artwork design was put together for the launch of their the first single prior to the release of their album Upbringing which later followed a more darker theme for the album cover along with the general branding surrounding the release. To view this feature, follow this link to view phase 2 of the case study.


The Solution

With the artwork concept, the theme was very much based on drowning in a contradictory world of ignorant consumption. The design was built of mixing many layers of images that to create a sense of depth. We then designed a complicated interlocking vector design to signify complexity. Once the branding and graphic design was signed off, we then enlisted a print company to run the final print.[/one_half_last][/column_row]

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[quoteslider][quote name=”Jack Parsons” sub=”Member”]James at JC Design was brilliant throughout. Spot on customer service, excellent branding ideas and innovative design work. I would highly recommend[/quote][/quoteslider]

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If you’re looking for a graphic design and web design agency to design a CD booklet, brochure, flyer or any other promotional item, get in touch using our simple contact form.

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