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E-commerce, web design platform for Surrey based start up company





Scope of project
UX/UI Design


James Collins
UX/UI Design



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The Project

Cartrl is a startup company based in Surrey who came to us to discuss an e-commerce shop plugin which enables users to pin products they’re considering buying into a collated dashboard. The Surrey based start up had the vision of enabling the extension to work as a website plugin with the ability to pull in the product image, price and URL from product, saving them on the users ‘Cartrl’ profile.


The Solution

We first set out to tackle the initial branding of the company. The name refers to the user being in control (ctrl) of their shopping experience. We wanted to keep the design clean and typographic encapsulating the platforms incentives. With a market place so heavily dominated by the next big app design or e-commerce site we felt the pressure to deliver something extremely considered throughout from a users perspective. The design consisted of a clean UI (user interface) working harmoniously with the UX (user experience) site map. As each product would vary enormously we needed to build an e-commerce website plugin that would cater accordingly.[/one_half_last][/column_row]

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Cartrl was shortlisted for the New Duke of York iDEA Award scheme.

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[quoteslider][quote name=”Sonja Farrell” sub=”Director”]It’s was a pleasure working with JC Design on the design for Cartrl. James was always one step ahead, sticking to tight deadlines and producing work that went above and beyond our expectations every time. If you want a graphic designer or website designer you can really put your trust in, look no further![/quote][/quoteslider]

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Get in touch today

If you’re looking for a new website for your company or would like a responsive website design equipped for all devices please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you take that big leap for your online presence.

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