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South Hill Park Arts Centre based in Bracknell is a multi-purpose arts centre. It offers a wide variety of shows, courses and a café/brasserie. The key part of South Hill Park is supporting and commissioning new work across the arts, from both established and emerging artists. South Hill park put out a tender whereby a local design agency of their choice could win the opportunity to support them with on going graphic design, web design and other design for print items.

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The brief for South Hill Park consisted of creating a selection of design for print items including a poster design, brochure and a leaflet. It was apparent that the marketing materials in place for South Hill Park lacked an identity and navigation for the user. With this in mind the first thing was to identify and design a colour-coded guide that could break the areas down into more digestible sections. The colour pallet was built using soft pastel shades for a subtle yet informative approach. This was then spread out across each design for publication creating an identifiable set of prints.[/one_half_last][/column_row]

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If you’re interested in design for publication or just design for print, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our simple contact form. We also offer a free consultation where we can sit down and discuss how either web design or graphic design can add value to your business.

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