RHP Personal Training

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Results Health & Performance

Web design & Branding for Buckinghamshire based personal trainer

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The Project

Results Health & Performance (RHP) is a specialist health, physique transformation and sports conditioning studio, run by Owner & Director of Personal Training, Rich Sturla who’s aim is helping people look, feel and perform at their best. Results Health & Performance is located in the High Wycombe district, in Buckinghamshire, just outside West London. 

The Solution

For the launch of RHP, we first set out to crack the branding. The brief was to incorporate an icon along with a fresh impactful type based lock up with a focus on ‘Results’. We build the icon by incorporating a kettle bell which is often used in the RHP training programme.

Once the branding was complete we then set out to build a responsive website the would function over all devices. The website design uses the core brand colours with an emphasis on impactful imagery to reduce the volume of text.

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[quoteslider][quote name=”Richard Sturla” sub=”Owner / Personal Trainer”]JC Design delivered above and beyond my expectations. Wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone – great to work with and most importantly the end product is top-notch.[/quote][/quoteslider]


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If you’re in need of web design for your new company or would like to discuss branding or graphic design please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.

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