Rebrand for a Buckinghamshire based Design Agency

The Project

For over 20 years Midas Design Consultants based in Buckinghamshire have been creating, building, reviving and growing brands across Europe, by making powerful connections with their employees and customers. Their creative services help clients define whom they are, what they want to say and how to get their audience to listen. Midas Design were in need of new branding which could be translated for print design and web design.

The Solution

Working with Midas Design Consultants on a freelance basis soon escalated to working on their branding. Swiftly afterwards this was then implemented into the web design and design for print stationary design materials.

The branding for Midas Design Consultants has always consisted of a black, white and orange colour pallet. The brand felt very tired and needed an injection of character and meaning with the correlation to King Midas. The play on the name “Midas” and its connections to “King Midas” who was responsible for everything he touched turning to gold, had never really been connected with the branding. A simple yet effective approach was to implement a clean cut, subtle crown into the character “M”. As this is the leading character of the business name it was easily used and brought forward as an icon and individual logo design.

Once the branding was completed we looked at how this could be implemented in the stationery i.e. business cards and letter head design. The vibrant orange and dark charcoal colour palette worked really well using an embossed print design technique to really deliver a high end feel for the brand.

The website was built in a way that catered for both the visual aspects of the portfolio along with the descriptive text. A sliding draw system was created to reveal and hide the text in order for it to appeal to both the visual and informative user.

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