Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton

Celebrity Hairdresser Website Design

Agent: Mibelle Group / Bracknell, Berkshire

Andrew Barton was in the process of releasing a new and product range following the success of becoming ‘British Hairdresser Of The Year ‘and ‘British Hair Icon’. To work in line with the launch, Bracknell, Berkshire based marketing agency ‘Mibelle Group’ got in touch to discuss how they could integrating the online products with a new showcase website design that would engage the newly engaged public audience.

Web design isn’t just about making something look nice. That’s far from enough in a new age only willing to grant a website 3-5 seconds of attention. The importance of engaging instantly with the target audience was at the forefront of our UX (user experience) flow. We merged interactive social content with vibrant imagery, and a colour palette bursting with personality to drive user interaction — granting users the ability to upload content to the website by using the using the the #AndrewBarton hashtag.

Credit: Project completed in collaboration with local design agency, Media Fusion based in Newbury, Berkshire.

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Andrew Barton

Bracknell, Berkshire

Mibelle Group

Designed in partnership with Media Fusion

Scope of project
UX/UI Design

James Collins
Strategy, UX/UI Design

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