How to nail your brand colours

It’s very well-known that colour makes you feel certain emotions. Colour is a form of non-verbal communication. Different colours help to symbolise different things. For some, this is conscious—red means stop and green means go. While others can be less obvious. Much like the white walls of a clinical environment, making you feel like you are in a clean and sterile environment. The green of an organic icon on packaging can make you feel the product is more environmentally friendly or sourced locally.

So when it comes time to choosing a colour for your brand, it is essential to select a hue that will speak to your audience. Your brand needs to be credible and using a colour that complements your brand’s values will boost your trustworthiness and talk to your ideal customer.

In this free guide, you will find some classic colours and learn what they symbolise and how you can combine them effectively.

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