4 Quick Wins To Boost Leads & Sales Online

So, you’ve outgrown your website? That’s perfectly common if you started out with a one-size-fits-all website from the likes of Wix or Squarespace.

Fear not. Apply these 4 simply changes to buy yourself more time until you’re able to invest in a professional website.


Give your visitors a reason to care. Your prospects have limited time. Show them why they should spend it on your website by adding an immediate benefit. Get them to continue by talking directly to their needs.


If things aren’t adding up. Subtract. Ever landed on a website that resembles an ocean of text? Ditch the jargon and simplify your messaging to keep users flowing—fewer people will leave your site. 


Customise your sign off. By default, buttons are labelled “Sign up’, ‘Send’ or ‘Submit’. Change your labels to fit the benefit of your offering to leave your users feeling confident. 


Reduce your load time. Drastically reduce your image files by 90% using Compressor. Nobody likes a slow website. 

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4 quick wins